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Finding a knock off ugg boot online is easier than finding an Ugg Australia boot in stock but some fall apart fast so shop for known imitation brands.

There are quite a few knock off ugg boot brands on the market. Some I’ve never heard of and some have been around a while. Most use sheepskin fleece for their linings and cattle suede leather for the outside. This is why they tend to run cheaper than a genuine sheepskin boots and why they are considered an imitation ugg boot. There are some uggs that are totally synthetic wool and leather. So be aware when shopping online of what the boots are made off if you want real sheepskin fleece or not.

I have a pair of Men's Emu Australia boots that I got for around $80 and I think are great. The quality seems pretty good and since I got them cheap I actually throw them in the washer and dryer. Not recommended by most people because they can shrink. I wash in cold and dry for a short time in a mild heat. Then I air-dry the rest of the way. Most people hand wash and air-dry them or they brush them clean. Some stitches are showing wear near the top but I’ll just sew them back up. For the price these boots are hard to beat.

Update: 5/26/2010 --- I just bought a pair of Bearpaw Ugg boots. Got them for around $50. I actually bought a women's size 11 because I could not find a men's 9. I had wore my Emu's out after 5 years and the soles got squeaky on my hardwood floors. Did not want to wake my upstairs neighbors so I bought the regular soles and not the rugged indoor/outdoor ones. I also got a taller boot in the Bearpaws. I am totally digging these boots. I wear them almost everyday. This was such a score I am hesitant to recommend other brands. I do think I could have gone with a women's size 10 though. The 11 might be a bit big for me but I wear them in the house only. If I were going to use them outside to walk around in, I think a tighter fit would be better. They tend to stretch out.

My wife has a pair the Bearpaws too that she took with her to Minnesota last December. I thought she was crazy but she said worked great even in around 15 degrees. No cold feet issues. However, I do not thing she was lingering outdoors for very long but rather moving from house to house or car to car. But these boots kept her feet warm enough to do that and the soles are easy to clean so you do not track mud in the house.

Another brand I would recommend are made by Simple Shoes. This company is a sister company to Ugg Australia and make boots similar to the Emu Australia boots at half the price of the regular Ugg brand boots. Some people might call these fake ugg boots but really they work fine. Now whether they work as well as the Ugg Australia boots I can’t say. I personally won’t be going into any 30-degree weather with them to know if they keep my feet that warm. For me they work fine for hanging around the house and running to the store.

Another place to check for knock off sheepskin and uggs like Emu and Bearpaws is on eBay. You take your chances on eBay because it’s an auction plus some of the brands are unknown and I think might fall apart. But I have seen Emu, Simple, and Minnetonka on auction there. I advise to look for true brand names. If there isn’t some kind of brand name on them, I’d skip it.

At off-season times of the year uggs go on sale and you might be able to pick up the real deal for as cheap.


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