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Harley Davidson high Solo boot

Discontinued Harley Davidson high Solo boot


Harley Davidson Hustin harness boot

Faded Glory boot

Faded Glory boot


Harley Davidson Havoc boot


Harley Gypsy boot


Harley Davidson Natasha boot


Harley Davidson solo boots were a ladies boot that appears to be discontinued.

The Harley Davidson solo boots, model HRL-81188, was a lovely boot but alas they are not manufactured anymore. Your best bet for finding one would be eBay. but that’s pretty much a million in one chance. And they would be used at that. Probably better to switch your attention to one of the many new HD women’s boots that they are constantly coming out with.

Probably the boot that looks the closest to the "solo" that Harley makes now is the Women's Harley-Davidson Serita. You can find that at

Harley Davidson has a lot of ladies motorcycle boots to choose from. It just depends on what kind of style you are looking for. If you are looking for vintage style boots like engineer or harness boots you’ll be able to find some but Harley may not be the best choice. They tend to design their boots with lots of extra style points, logos, buckles and zippers. The Hustin 11” black leather motorcycle boots, number 85354, are simple in design. Harley hasn’t messed with them too much and therefore they are worthy of checking out. Another model called the Austin, is a similar women’s harness boot worthy of a look. Its number is 85355.

If you want more of a hiking boot look, check the ever-popular Harley Davidson women’s 6” Faded Glory style in black or brown. Model 81024 or 81025. You can get these with steel toes too if you wish. Also in this hot category check out the Havoc, Ease and Cimarron ladies motorcycle boots. D81639, 84350 and D84207. All of these boots look a bit like black customized Timberland hiking boots on steroids.

Now if you want something more modern, untamed and a bit more high fashion, check out the Ladies bold buckle zipper boot 84118 or the Gypsy boots 85303. Or you might want to gander at the Natasha black fashion motorcycle boot. D85232. Each one of these has it’s own unique character and depending on your taste, they should get the job done for you.

Recommended places to find these boots online can be found at Motorcycle riding boots.


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