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Emu Ridge of Australia ugg boots

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Simple Shoes ugg boots that are comparable to Emu boots


Emu Ridge of Australia footwear makes sheepskin boots like Australian brand ugg boots but generally they are cheaper in price.

I have a pair of unisex sharklow sand ugg boots made by Emu Ridge of Australia footwear . I actually can’t believe I didn’t buy some type of ugg brand boots before this. I’ve always wanted some but I thought uggs were kind of goofy and I wasn’t sure I would wear them. Plus the price was often a deterrent since I didn’t want to spend $70 to $150 on something I might not wear. How wrong I was about wearing them. I wear my $80 Emu boots almost everyday. They are very comfortable and warm. I bought the shorter size and not the ugg classic tall boots. I also prefer the sand colored ones to the black although I do think the black ones look pretty sharp. However, I already have too many black boots in my closet so I went with sand.

When I bought my Emu boots , I first got a size 9 because that’s my normal size. However, I sent them back for a size 10 because the tips of my toes were rubbing the front end of the boot. I knew that was going to be a problem. The size 10 boots fit great. It’s standard practice to get a size larger in most sheepskin or ugg boots.

I don’t worry much about the appearance of my Emu boots. They actually aren’t real sheepskin except on the inside. The outside of the boot is suede leather. They do get dirty. However, I didn’t pay much for them so I actually throw them in the washer and dryer. Lots of people tell you not to do this. The reason is because the suede outside does scrunch up a bit and it might wreck the boot. I noticed that they do stretch back out if you pull on the leather when it’s wet. The wool inside lining gets very thick and puffy again after being in the washer and dryer. Once you wear them a while they reform to your foot again. I would advise you that if you do wash them in the washer to wash them in cold water and don’t get liquid soap on them. It stains them. Also it might be best to watch them closely in the dryer. Put them in on a lighter heat for a short while and air-dry them the rest of the way. Keep them out of the sun too because they fade. That’s just how I wash them because I’m lazy and in a hurry. Like I said most people will tell you not to wash and dry them this way at all. They prefer you hand wash them and air dry or they just brush them clean.


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